The concept of a "better-for-you" food manufacturing company, represents an extraordinary opportunity for delivering healthy foods to its customers because:

1) There is an enormous growing demand in the marketplace for good-tasting healthy food products, which suppliers have not been able to meet

2) A company that develops, manufactures, and markets its own brand has a better than average chance of delivering excellent returns; and

3) Milk Specialties Global, Clara City as a brand name manufacturer, is capable of delivering relatively quick market penetration and financial returns because current, viable competition is minimal.

Natural, organic, low-fat and low-carb versions of salty snacks are currently among the hottest items being marketed in the snack industry. Also, according to snack suppliers, 32 million people are following some form of a low-caloric, high-protein diet.

All indicators suggest that healthy low-fat, high-protein snacks will prove to be the ticket to attract more baby boomers into stores, keeping in mind the fact that sales of nutritional/intrinsic health bars, which are the largest segment of the overall bar category, have increased almost exponentially.

These health bars are now a $1.3 billion segment of the market. Most, if not all, of the findings in the last two decades indicate a consistent trend toward snacking as a growing source of food consumption. "Better-for-you" snacks are the fastest growing segment of the snack food market because issues of unhealthy eating are being exacerbated by the "epidemic" of over-consumption of food and the consequent growing obesity rates of the U.S. population. <